Jim Wilson and Chris Bath are journalists and broadcasters who’ve spent decades working in Australian media in television, radio and print.
Chantelle Ormandy is a voice coach and professional singer who has spent decades training some of the best voices in Australia.
We all know how to cut through the noise and stand out in a crowd. We can help you do it too.

Chris Bath
Broadcast Journalist, Radio Presenter
Chris has spent more than three decades front and centre in the media landscape.

She’s been reading news and reporting as a journalist since she was 21 years old, first on radio at Sydney’s 2UE, and then on the small screen aged 22 at Prime TV, before NBN TV in Newcastle snaffled her as their nightly news anchor.

After five wonderful years at NBN, Chris then spent almost 20 years at Australia’s Channel Seven as a network anchor. Chris hosted various national news and public affairs programs for Seven, interviewing anyone from Prime Ministers to popstars. She’s anchored global events live from some of the biggest moments of the modern era, from natural disasters tragedies and commemorations, to royal weddings and funerals, to Federal and U-S elections. She’s even cha cha’ed and waltzed live on TV - to rave reviews - under a mirror ball on “Dancing With The Stars”.

Apart from TV, Chris has extensive experience in radio, hosting her own Evenings show on the ABC. She still anchors ABC Sydney’s Drive show from time to time. Her connection with her audience is driven by her genuineness and authenticity on air.

Chris is also an accomplished MC and facilitator. She emceed the prelude to the Sydney Olympics live on stage at the stadium, and has been the MC at a host of corporate events, awards nights, conferences and forums. She’s also a tireless MC for a multitude of not-for-profit organisations.

Chris brings a wealth of experience to the table. She can show you how to deal with your nerves and deliver a great presentation to an audience of millions or just one. She can help you read an autocue or a speech, present in front of a camera without looking like a scared rabbit, and most importantly show you how to sound like you. She can give you the confidence and techniques to cut through and reach a successful outcome with a presentation, interview, or a pitch.

Jim Wilson
Broadcast Journalist, Radio Presenter, Mediator

With more than 35 years experience working across all media platforms, Jim Wilson is one of Australia’s most respected journalists and broadcasters

Jim has covered some of the world’s biggest events for network television. around the world He has hosted and reported including hosting or reporting on eight Olympic Games, Ashes tests & other international tours, Wimbledon and the list goes on.

Jim thrives in front of a live audience. His work in TV, in radio where he hosted a successful Drive program in Sydney, and in newspapers means he has real life experience and knowledge of what works when it comes to media strategy.

His 20 years of presentation and communications training that has seen Jim transform CEO’s, chairpeople, senior execs, sports stars and others in the public eye into accomplished public speakers and media performers. It’s work that Jim really enjoys.

Through Jim’s very practical and interactive sessions, the results speak for themselves. He’ll give you the skill set and techniques to make the most of any opportunity.

Jim is also an accomplished MC and guest speaker for any occasion. If you want to hear a good yarn or be taken into the inner sanctum, Jim will deliver.

“ I know what works when it comes to communicating and it gives me so much satisfaction watching people grow in confidence and nail a presentation or interview.”
Chantelle Ormandy
Vocal Coach, Singer, Public Speaking Coach

Chantelle Ormandy is a highly successful vocal coach and performance expert with years of experience in contemporary singing, media presentation, and performance skills.

Chantelle has worked with countless singers, actors, performers and presenters, helping them to develop their vocal abilities, stage presence, and media skills.

Through one-on-one sessions and group workshops, Chantelle helps presenters, singers and performers to build confidence, develop their own unique style, and unlock their full vocal potential.

Chantelle’s clients include Gretel Packer AM, Don Spencer OAM, Ray Martin AM, the original Yellow Wiggle Greg Page AM, David Atkins OAM and many executives, politicians and public figures, all seeking to enhance their communication and vocal performance.

Your voice can make or break a presentation. Breathing is vital, and being able to control nerves is essential, and that’s where Chantelle thrives and can help you.

Oh, and as a value added service….Chantelle happens to be an accomplished marriage celebrant. Not only can she give the bride and groom or wedding speakers tips for the all important speeches, Chantelle can also get you legally hitched, and if you really want full service, she can organise the band and sing for you as well! Talk about bang for buck!