We can tailor something to suit you from any of our services. Choose your own adventure, let us know what you need, and we'll give you a bespoke package, so you’re only paying for exactly what you’re after.

Presentation & 
Voice Training

We’ve all spent years presenting to TV cameras and to live audiences. We can show you how to do it too - for social media, corporate videos, in a TV or radio studio, or to an audience of one or hundreds of people. We can teach you to breathe through your nerves, help with performance anxiety management, give you hacks and tools to lose the umms and ahhs and stumbles, and give you audience engagement techniques. We can identify your skills, and also your challenges, and help you improve your communication and clarity. We can find your true authentic voice and improve it with vocal exercises and technique.


Our sessions are about building confidence and a skillset to cope in any situation. We can help you get away from what sounds like manufactured spin. We’re all about encouraging authenticity to help you be a more effective communicator by just being yourself. We can hone the skills of CEOs, senior executives or your spokespeople, one on one or in larger groups. We can tailor a session to suit you. Our sessions are practical, hands on, interactive, and we get results.


How often do you watch someone on social media or a chairman at an AGM, and it’s painfully obvious they’re reading from an autocue? We can help you learn to read an autocue without sounding like you are. For decades, we’ve read an autocue live on television in front of sometimes millions of people, and we know how to help you do it without sounding like a robot.


Add the finishing touches! We can offer you personalised service from some of the best hair & makeup artists, and stylists in the business. They know what works for an audience and what will work for you. They’ll make sure your look doesn’t distract from what you’re saying.

Photography & Social Media Content

Enjoy the expertise of one of Australia’s best portrait and branding photographers for any visual services you may need.

Speech writing, 
MC & Celebrant Services

Need some help for a big day? A wedding? A farewell? A landmark birthday speech for family or friends? We can help you write a speech (and help you deliver it) no matter what the event. Need an MC? Chris & Jim are professional emcees, and provide MC services too. But wait, there’s more…..Chantelle is a qualified wedding and funeral celebrant. And as a professional musician too, she can even organise the band!